CTC was founded by Bettina Marksteiner and myself to help discerning travellers explore Southern Africa, encounter a diverse and rich cultural heritage with its diversity of wildlife, landscape and tradition. Offering tours to Southern Africa and Europe!

Over the last few years I have turned my passion into my profession. As an Austrian living in South Africa I work as a tour guide with small groups of German and English speaking travellers, sharing my knowledge and appreciation of the Southern African countries, encouraging everybody to discover them further.

Having lived over half of my life in my home country Austria, and therefore knowing every corner of it the way I do, I have finally decided on offering tours there as well. Austria is a country with amazing history, culture, art, music, food and wine, and all my tours focus on these rich cultural aspects. I personally conduct the tours, and all guests are treated to an authentic Austrian experience in style, comfort and luxury.

But as I not only embrace Austria I love to show travellers Europe with luxury itineraries that ensure comfort while discovering the most scenic and culturally richest parts of the old continent France, Italy and more to come.

I love Christmas in Europe and would love to share this very special season with like-minded travellers. One just have to have tasted the Austrian cuisine, strolled through the Christmas markets, having enjoyed Après-ski in Kitzbuhel and much, much more!

So come and join me on an incredibly rewarding journey that will stay in your memories for a lifetime!

Each destination has its own directory with listed restaurants, tours, activities, museums, and much more. You decide on the categories and what types of ratings apply. Choose from stars and dollars, or append the ones you need. If we didn't include a rating symbol, please let us know – and add your own for custom scales to rate your directory items!